MAGMAsoft® – Committed to Casting Excellence

MAGMAsoft® is the world leader in casting process simulation. With over 185 experts across the globe, MAGMA gives you the best foundry simulation experience.

  • Magma5 is the industry standard worldwide
  • The OEM standard worldwide
  • Continuous improvement/innovation
  • Reduces lead time, scrap, rework and energy in foundry processes
  • Improves overall foundry efficiency
  • Improves overall profitability
  • Optimises processes from design to final product
  • Improves casting quality and optimisation of yields
  • Customised and calibrated to your foundry conditions
  • Undoubtedly, the most powerful tool any foundry can use
  • The leader in property prediction
  • Wide range of modules available for all commercial casting processes including Die Casting, sand core production, sand casting.


MAGMA Solutions

Simulating the casting process with MAGMA5 provides foundries with technological and competitive advantages that increase profits and aid in the optimization of the entire casting process.

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