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How does casting process simulation with MAGMA 5 help me?

Simulating the casting process with MAGMA5 provides foundries with technological and competitive advantages that increase profits and aid in the optimization of the entire casting process. MAGMA5 helps foundries eliminate sources of wasted energy and wasted materials, which leads to lower manufacturing costs and lessens the foundries impact on the environment. Casting process simulation with MAGMA5 offers foundries opportunities for cost reduction and value creation throughout the entire operation


1. How does simulation with MAGMA help me throughout my company?

Casting process simulation helps foundries to accomplish their strategic goals and achieve a competitive advantage. Casting process simulation with MAGMA  5:

  • increases profits by reducing and eliminating costs throughout the entire casting process chain.
  • reduces the development time of products designed in-house and accelerates the development of castings for customers, as well as assures the earliest start of production possible.
  • provides the foundation for comprehensive quality assurance.
  • differentiates foundries from their competitors through the utilization of new technology and the expertise derived from using it.
  • quickly provides valuable information about the manufacturability of products early in the design and production processes.
  • provides the foundation to supply to demanding customers, i.e. automotive companies and their tier-one suppliers.
  • supports the establishment of quality and value based pricing strategies.
  • provides a platform that can be utilized to improve communication between employees, departments, and with customers.
  • is a valuable tool for the management of technical data and process knowledge, as it documents the development and production processes independent of personnel.



2. How does simulation with MAGMA  5 help me in production?

MAGMA  5 reliably predicts casting properties for each defined gating system and process parameter combination. Using MAGMA  5 for the development of acceptable process parameters provides the foundation for the development of robust and economically optimal casting processes for the reliable production of quality castings. Casting process simulation with MAGMA  5 in production:

  • shortens ramp-up times of production processes, as the number of prototypes and trial runs can be reduced or eliminated.
  • leads to efficient processes, reduced cycle times, less down time, and the elimination of rework.
  • reduces production costs related to the volume of re-melt, reduced energy consumption, reduced scrap rates and improved tool life that are achieved by reducing the required number of sample runs and production trials required to get a casting into production.



3. How does simulation with MAGMA  5 help me in casting design?

Casting process simulation with MAGMA  5 aids in the casting design process by allowing designers to determine the manufacturability, final properties, and estimated costs associated with the production of a given casting design early in the design process. By analyzing for potential defects early in the design phase, the costs associated with eliminating these defects are also greatly reduced. Casting process simulation with MAGMA  5 during the casting design process:

  • enables leaps in innovation, as it allows for the consideration of the economical feasibility of proposed designs .
  • can quickly analyze various proposed design alternatives to make decisions such as whether a feature on a casting should be cast as part of the design or if it should be machined in later.
  • allows designers to optimize designs by ensuring the desired material properties without maintaining excessive safety margins, i.e., casting weights can be reduced.
  • allows for the comprehensive development of the casting, gating system, and process parameters.
  • identifies any defect potential early using filling and solidification simulations.
  • eases the communication between development, production, management, sales and casting buyers to ensure that castable parts are produced according to customer specifications and in a timely manner.







4. How does simulation with MAGMA  5 help me in marketing and sales?

Casting process simulation with MAGMA  5 supports the marketing and sales departments of foundries in several different aspects:

  • MAGMA  5 is seen by casting buyers as a progressive technology that can be used to realize quality castings at competitive prices.
  • The implementation of innovative technologies such as MAGMA  5 is a sign of a foundry that posses a strong customer focus and technical competence.
  • The utilization of MAGMA  5 in all phases of collaboration leads to a faster and more reliable achievement of customer requirements.
  • Proposals, accompanied by initial simulations, send a clear message of technical competence and knowledge of the casting process. Cost overruns or delivery delays are less unlikely.
  • Many casting buyers require that their casting suppliers have simulated their designs prior to production and often times will explicitly specify the use of MAGMA software. Such customers can only be approached by foundries that are using MAGMA  5.



5. How does simulation with MAGMA  5 help foundries to become more energy efficient?

The development of energy efficient processes and the reduction of wasted materials can help to ensure reduced manufacturing costs while minimizing the impact on the environment. Casting process simulation with MAGMA  5 can provide essential contributions to becoming an energy efficient foundry by:

  • reducing energy costs associated with excess re-melt that is the result of poor yields and excess scrap.
  • reducing energy and material costs by  eliminating the need for multiple trial runs.
  • reducing cycle times and saving energy over the entire production process, from melting through heat treatment.
  • reducing the amount of energy required for cleaning, machining, and repair welding processes.



6. How does MAGMA help me?

MAGMA prides itself on the ability to work closely with customers during the implementation and application of casting process simulation. Our corporation combines the technical expertise of over 100 engineers at our facilities worldwide with 25 years of development experience. MAGMA helps through:

  • the support and assistance that ensures the most efficient and effective application of casting process simulation.
  • the training of customers to utilize MAGMA  5.
  • the interpretation of simulation results.
  • comprehensive support of MAGMA  5.
  • engineering service projects for companies that are investigating the technology.
  • providing a network for MAGMA software users in the largest worldwide user community in the foundry industry.
  • regularly scheduled events where MAGMA software users exchange valuable technical knowledge and past experiences.