Sigma Solutions

The SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding technology is a new and absolutely unique approach in the injection molding industry. It has been created for you, that you analyze and optimize your processes and molds, increasing efficiency, productivity and part quality, while simultaneously reducing the associated time, material and energy consumption. With SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding you identify and resolve problems before they even appear.

SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding is also a tool for you to communicate your know-how reproducible towards customers and suppliers at the right moment, consequently reducing development times and minimizing your risks. The effective planning and optimization of the later injection molding process already in parallel to the geometry design and the mold development makes troubleshooting unnecessary for you at the real start of production.


1. How does SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding work?

The approach is to consider exactly all the components of the mold, with all their physical and thermal properties, and to reproduce virtually both time and processing conditions during several cycles. Thus doing exactly the same as what happens at the molding machine later on – just now in the virtual world. In this way you replicate virtually the exact same conditions that are found in the production floor. You perform mold iterations and injection trials independently from machine occupation, machine hours and personnel availability and in the safety to keep the costs due to changes at minimum.



2. What are your advantages of using SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding?

  • Proofing instead of talking: Communicate your processing know-how in development meetings based on physical proof and experience decisions motivated by sound facts and no longer by individual believes
  • Deliver your mold into production with a stable process window and process-safe
  • Minimize your mold re-work, troubleshooting and related costs
  • Increase your confidence to engage on SOP deadlines
  • Reduce your risks and optimize resource efficiency
  • Increase your productivity and create resources for your further growth
  • Increase the confidence of your clients and strengthen your position as a value-added partner.






3. Who profits from the use of SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding?

You as an injection molder take most benefit out from SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding, when you are actively involved and take over responsibility in the development of parts and molds. As a molder you have the necessary technical competence and the economic leverage, to immediately benefit from implementing SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding into you production environment.

Virtual Molding is interesting for you, if you want to understand the influence of the processing conditions over quality and productivity, e.g. for subsequent integrative simulation.



4. Which applications are appropriate for SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding?

Apply SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding to optimize your parts, processes and molds in thermoplast, elastomer, thermoset and MIM/CIM applications, as well as in thixo-molding and in combinations of these processes. You easily apply it to optimize all injection molding processes, including special processes and transfer-molding.