Stricter safety requirements with tighter margins push designers to find optimal compromises. FEA analysis alone cannot provide optimal design direction for critical cast components. The residual stresses from the casting processes may negatively impact safety factors Coupling MAGMASOFT and ANSYS to maximise the efficiency of safety critical castings provides a solution Metal castings under high stresses or cyclical loading, coupled with high temperature or other factors can be optimised to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.

Metal castings operating at high temperatures may be sensitive to residual casting process properties like stresses or mechanical properties. Such castings are also relatively expensive and with pricing pressures increasing, designers are forced to save on weight. MAGMASOFT and ANSYS provides a solution in optimising the design of such products while maintaining material integrity at high thermal loads or cyclical thermal loads. Improving technical communication with foundries for almost all applications has been an indispensable tool for many years.

Metal casting design today is a challenging science. Price pressure coupled with safety demands places many challenges before the engineer. Saving weight while maintaining safety factors increases profitability and design freedom. Using MAGMASOFT and ANSYS to reduce weight of cast components with topology optimisation is a solution for casting designers to take advantage of.

Accelerating development of product design, MAGMASOFT and ANSYS can be used to maximise the product performance by considering various casting processes or materials. The entire manufacturing process and operating environment can be virtually optimised to maximise efficiency and profitability. Use MAGMASOFT and ANSYS in your product development to gain an advantage.

Are castings competitive? With good design upfront, using MAGMASOFT and ANSYS to optimise metal casting performance and weight, significant savings can be achieved in overall efficiency.


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