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Cast Iron – A predictable material
Cast Iron – A predictable material

During the last 25 years, casting process simulation has developed from predicting hot spots and solidification paths to an integral assessment and optimization tool for foundries for the entire manufacturing route of castings. Modeling cast irons has always been a...

Casting Distortions During Solution Treatment

Aluminum castings are often heat-treated to increase mechanical properties and simultaneously decrease thermal stresses induced by the casting process. The heat treatment process consists of 3 steps. First is solution treatment, where the part is heated to a...

Why MAGMA stands out from the rest?

The name MAGMA stands for robust and innovative casting solutions as well as a strong partnership with the metal casting industry. By combining casting process knowledge with simulation competence, MAGMA partners with our customers to use our expertise to their...

Sleeves & Magmasoft
Sleeves & Magmasoft

Can a foundry benefit from a more expensive yet better performing sleeve? At what point does the yield benefit outweigh the cost benefit? Using MAGMASOFT, foundries can compare the cost benefit of sleeves from various suppliers. Here a comparison between two suppliers...


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