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Ametex believes thats “process efficiency” concerning castings in foundries is key to successful products and their profitability.

  • Ametex PTY Ltd is the sole distributor and partner for magma in sub-saharan africa.
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  • We provide software TRAINING, as well as training on all aspects related to the foundry industry.
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MAGMA is a worldwide leader in developing and providing software for casting process simulation and virtual optimization. MAGMA stands for robust, innovative cast solutions and for reliable partnerships with the metal casting industry, including casting designers and buyers. MAGMA’s products unite the complexity of the casting process with user-friendliness to create economical solutions for its customers. MAGMA partners with its customersin the integration and effective use of the software, helping them to realize clear cost advantages.


MAGMASOFT® is the comprehensive and effective optimization tool for improving metalcasting quality, optimizing process conditions and reducing production costs. Consequently utilizing the methodology of virtual Design of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization, robust process parameters and optimized casting layouts can be established for all cast materials and processes including heat treatment and melt metallurgy – efficiently and comprehensively at the same time.

By means of Autonomous Engineering™, simulations with MAGMASOFT® can be used in an automated virtual test plan to pursue different quality and cost objectives simultaneously. Broad knowledge and tangible hands-on instructions/measures are generated considering design and process conditions for mold filling, solidification and cooling. The range of results comprises residual stresses and distortion, microstructure formation and local properties.


  • Supports all cast materials and all aspects of casting manufacture including melting and metallurgy, pattern and coremaking, cleaning and repair
  • Offers a virtual test field for the reduction of metalcasting defects with high degrees of freedom without production risk
  • Establishes optimized operating points for quality, yield and cost
  • Identifies optimal process conditions for robust process windows early and reliably
  • Allows faster decision making to establish saving time for all parties involved
  • Empowers quality management by generating systematic understanding how process variability affects quality
  • Improves communication and confidence within your company and in cooperation with customers
  • Offers reliable and early information to designers for robust product and process development

MAGMASOFT® standard

has a modular structure and contains the following functionalities for a comprehensive simulation:

  • A common graphical user interface for all modules
  • A project management perspective for handling of simulation and optimization projects
  • Parametric Solid Modeling of geometries using a CAD kernel as well as import and export of CAD data
  • Automatic meshing of geometries for the simulation
  • Comprehensive process mapping with direct access to all materials, process steps and the corresponding simulation settings
  • Definition of virtual designs and parameters for optimization runs
  • Simulation programs for the calculation of mold filling, solidification, cooling and serial casting applications
  • Interactive and automatic result evaluation: Several perspectives can be opened and edited at the same time
  • Result perspective for comprehensive visualization and evaluation of simulation results
  • Easy quantitative assessment of virtual Design of Experiments or optimization runs
  • Database module to manage thermo-physical and other relevant process data required for simulation


  • MAGMAiron, MAGMAsteel, MAGMAnonferrous
  • MAGMAhpdc, MAGMAlpdc, MAGMApermanent mold, MAGMAwheel, MAGMAinvestment casting
  • MAGMA HT thermal, MAGMAstress, MAGMAlink, MAGMAdielife
  • MAGMAc+m (core and mold), MAGMAdielife

The unique MAGMA APPROACH, which is fully integrated into MAGMASOFT®, is a systematic methodology to reach desired goals by performing simulations as virtual experiments and put them into action. This methodology helps to simplify complex technical challenges and systematically address them using the appropriate engineering tools available in MAGMASOFT®.

The MAGMA APPROACH provides metal casters, toolmakers and casting users with a new and more efficient means to realize cost reduction and value creation throughout their entire operation. In combination with MAGMASOFT®’s Autonomous Engineering™, the MAGMA APPROACH establishes optimized and robust casting and tooling designs and process parameters before production has even begun.


The new and innovative visualization program for MAGMASOFT® results, supports communication internally within a company as well as a fast exchange of information with both customers and suppliers.

Key functionality of MAGMAinteract®

  • Interactive visualization of 3D MAGMASOFT® results.
  • Animation of mold filling, solidification pattern and tracer particles.
  • Visualization of mold filling, solidification and distortion as well as quality criteria including results on pre-defined cross-sections.
  • Interactive evaluation of designs of experiments in parallel coordinate diagrams.

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